Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review

What is Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ?

In early 1990s, soy was quite commonly used for the nourishment of skin. Now the soy face cleanser is product made of soy which is made in USA and  exported to the whole world. Soy face cleanser is gentle skin cleanser, good for all types of skin.

Let’s first answer the question. Why is soy good for your skin?

First, the soy contains a lot of vitamin E which itself is good for your skin in many ways since it’s both an antioxidant and nutrition. Soy is also rich in lecithin that hydrates the skin and recovers it due to the fatty acid it contains. Soy helps with calming of inflammatory processes, relieves sun damages, stimulates the production of collagen that is essential for skin elasticity.

Having this in mind, it’s clear why soy face cleanser is beneficial for your skin. So, how does it work?

The gel removes all impurities form skin and makes skin fresh and clean. The moisture cleans up the skin without leaving any harsh and side effect. This is also known as the multi task formula as it has the ability to clean, soothe, tone and softer the skin without any side effect. The regular application of this cleanser makes the skin healthy, shiny, radiant and gives it healthy and fair complexion. This cleanser instantly removes all impurities from the skin. It is powerful but gentle formula. The best and unique quality of this skin is that it is best for all types of skin.

The fragrant of this cleanser is very similar with the rose water. It gives a very light feeling to the skin and makes the skin softer. This is also best for sensitive skin and have side effect for any kind of skin. It even removes mascara from the face and the daily use of this cleanser make the skin shiny and blushes. It is best cleanser of all times. it Is also ranked as the excellent cleanser of all times. It is made of amino acid rich soy proteins.

The other unique and best properties of this formula are mentioned here:

  • It is made of amino acid soy proteins and help the skin in maintain its natural tone and heath.
  • The borage seeds present in its formation help in the nourishment of skin.
  • Calming cucumber extract present in this formula help in removing the dead cells and dead tissue of the face skin.
  • Rose water which is sued in its formation help the skin in maintains the tone and natural elasticity.
  • Rose water restores the redness of the face and restores the ph of the body. It gives firmness to the face skin.


After wetting the skin its massage for ten minutes is very effective for skin.

Real Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review


The Verdict

  • 93% said it softened and soothed their skin
  • 97% reported more supple skin
  • 86% felt it left their radiant and skin toned
  • 86% felt it visibly get better the appearance of the skin
  • 90% said their skin was healthy-looking and balanced