The Best Face Wash and Cleansers For Men – Oily Skin

In this article, I’m going to share the best of what, I feel, I’ve discovered about face washes for oily skin. This choice was also confirmed by many of my male customers, so I feel I can speak for them, too. I have a few different price ranges, a bit more expensive and some more affordable products for you guys. So, let’s get into it!

We’re going to start with my all-time favorite product. This is a product that will trump any kind of face wash, that is the best face wash facial cleanse I’ve ever used and that I would recommend over everything that I ever written about.  If you have oily and spot prone, and acne prone skin, this is it: Lush Coal Face Cleansing Bar. Even it looks like the soap, is not. It’s completely soap free, but this is a cleansing bar that, literally, cured me of my spots when I was a younger teenager, right up into my early twenties. This is what really helped save my skin and this is where my love for charcoal products began. This is a charcoal and tea tree cleansing bar which lets you just use it like a normal soap. You rub it in your hands and then massage gently into your face. The charcoal, of course, brings out all those impurities. Just washes them all out, as well as providing a regional daily exfoliation. Nothing that harsh at all, but really nice, gentle exfoliation. Then, it has the tea tree in there, that natural antibacterial agent which I love applying to any kind of spot prone skin, slightly damaged skin or anything like that. This is probably one of the only really natural products I use. I know, there’s this whole kind of idea that natural is better, which, in some cases, is. It can vary in price depending on how much you get but, generally, falls into more affordable price range. I think and along with a toner and moisturizer this is before I got into all these other crazy skincare things this saves my skin so I highly recommend Lush Coal Face Cleansing Bar and, if you are just breaking out, if you’re just getting spot free, this is perfect. This is such a good product.

Next, up of products I’m surprisingly impressed with, is Biore Charcoal Cleanser. A deep pore charcoal cleanser. Now I’m a massive fan of the brand Yuri and I use their nose pore strips. I think that this is, pretty much, the same thing as the coal face cleanser from Lush, just a bit more affordable. So again, the charcoal traps up to two times more the amount of dirt impurities from your skin as a normal face cleanser would do. That’s because that charcoal is like a magnet and just drools out all those impurities. It can make you looking very fresh and rejuvenated. Again, one of my favorite products, although not so great if you have a white sink or a white bathroom in general. But, I’m saying that it does clear itself off, you just shower it down. I also find that a little bit of this goes a very long way, so you just put a few pumps into the palm of your hand, foam that up, and then massage it into your face like you would do with any other cleanser (make sure you also read our Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review.)

 Now, we have Bulldog Oil Control Face Wash. Now, usually, when I see the words ‘oil control’, ‘oil free’ and anything like that, I don’t I don’t get it. Because, stripping oil from your face, when you have oily skin, can actually create more oil on your face. Your skin goes into the panic mode, it thinks it hasn’t got enough natural oils, so overproduces sebum and oils. But, with this, I found that it didn’t do that. Cool. Also, what I love is the ingredients it has, witch-hazel in it, willow bark and juniper which are all known for purifying the skin, as well as the as bacterial agents of the witch-hazel, which is very good for acne prone skin, red and sore spots. It’s also good for generally cleansing the skin, so, yeah, this is very good. I was pleasantly surprised of this, an oil control face wash that didn’t leave my skin feeling tight and didn’t make my skin panic and over juice oil.

Next, we have the Nature Republic Sparkling Mud Foam Cleanser. What I love about this, is the mud and the kind of clay, that’s in it, that really helps control the sebum and excess oil in your face, again, without stripping your skin of its natural oils. This is one face wash that, I find, controls the sebum and oil production throughout the whole day. I find that I’m a lot less oily if I use this in the morning and it seems like a good moisturizer and toner. Again, is very good for reducing the appearance of spots and acne. Yeah, and it smells amazing. Again, not too dissimilar from the charcoal products, but this is a mud product which in, some way, does the same thing as far as drawing out purities and leaving a skin supple, yet oil-free.

And finally a new product, that I’ve just discovered. This is the Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser, from Yadah. This is a non-acne skincare product, it’s got rich antioxidants and herbal ingredients in there as well. Really helps for all skin types, whether you’ve got severe acne or just a few spots popping up here and there. Using this bubble cleanser is extremely light. It feels like there’s nothing on your skin when you’re rubbing it in. It comes out like a foam, and there’s next to no chemicals in here. If you do have very sore and in prone skin, then that’s pretty much ideal. Yadah is a brand that I’m really interested in at the moment. They do an amazing spot cream. So, this is great for all skin types. If you have very sensitive skin, open spots, open wounds from acne, this is the one for you. It’s kind of a must-have for any kind of breakouts, very gentle, whilst giving you a very good and effective clean.

That’s it. I hope you liked the article. Take your pick from one of those products, depending on your skin type. These are great for oily skin, while the last one pretty much for all skin types.

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