The Wonders of Lush Ocean Salt

Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub is a cosmetic product of the Lush company. It has received great ratings, from almost all its users, due to its features and effectiveness. This product is hand made in all countries that are authorized to make it.

• What is Lush Ocean Salt?

It can best be termed as an exfoliating product for the face and body. It is blue in color and its smell definitely lives up to its ocean title. It has fresh ingredients such as lime, grapefruit, sea salt, avocado butter and coconut fat. The sea salt takes two forms of fine and coarse. The lime is extracted in vodka which is one of the most interesting features. The vodka works as an anti bacterial agent for the skin. It unblocks pores and deals with blemishes and black spots accordingly. The hand made feature of the product means that the color might differ in countries, ranging from a light blue to a really dark blue; but the effect is the same. This scrub comes in a black tub and unlike other Lush products, this one does not need any refrigeration. It comes in a small tub of 120g or a larger one of 250g.

• How it works?

When you open the packaging, you will find that the coarse crystals sit at the top. For usage, they need to be mixed up with the rest of the paste. Lush recommends that one splashes their face with water before applying the scrub. Scrub the paste in circular motions to exfoliate the skin properly. Let it sit for a few minutes then wash it off with clean water. It should preferably be used twice a week to allow the skin to rejuvenate itself after such a process. The ingredients work wonders on the skin. The immediate results are that the skin looks and feels cleaner and smoother. The best part is that it does not dry up the skin like most scrubs. It is suitable for all skin types ranging from dry, normal and oily.

Real Lush Ocean Salt Review

All products have different effects on different users. Most people have absolutely fallen in love with this product. The blue color and the sea smell is the first striking feature that users love. They also love how easy it is to use the product. The fact that it suits all skin types has made it a favorite of many people. The immediate results of the skin looking bright and smooth are their reasons for staying loyal to this product. Most people have defined it as a must have product and a life saver due to its effectiveness in exfoliation. The two options in packaging are great since one may opt for the small tub especially for a first time use; the larger tub is economically convenient and lasts long especially for body scrubbers. This group of users gives this product a five start rating and recommendations to friends.

The next group of reviews takes a 50-50 form. This group caters for users who have a love-hate relationship with the product. A few people claim that the smell is not good and that the coarse salts are extremely harsh, especially to the face. The price is also a big turn off for this group since it does not meet all their needs. However, they still loved the exfoliating experience and the results.

The last group of users is those that are completely dissatisfied by this product. The most common thing about this group is that they mostly have sensitive skin which is not recommended by the manufacturer.

• Where to buy Lush Ocean Salt

Lush Ocean Salt can be brought from the Lush website. It can also be bought from online shops such as Amazon and ebay. Amazon seems to be the favorite of many since it offers fair prices for both options.

The overall experience with Lush Ocean Salt has been positive from most users. As such, the final verdict can be termed as positive. It is an amazing product that works perfectly for exfoliation purposes. It is great for all skin types but not for people with sensitive skin. The price is relatively fair considering the maximum effectiveness that the product offers. It should be considered by anyone who wants to use a natural scrub for their skin. For the best results to be achieved, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed.